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SURFING IN BARBADOS | Barry’s Surf School

February 22, 2015 by @VanessaRivers

Barbados belongs to the Windward Islands, sitting east of the main Caribbean chain, and northwest of Venezuela. Famous for its holiday resorts, clear blue water and white sand beaches, it also has the eastern Caribbean’s most consistent surf. Strong, constant trade winds make for consistent, year-round swell on the East Coast. While in winter, regular north swells light up the North and West Coasts. Even though Barbados can offer some heavy waves, it is best suited to the surfer who enjoys chilling-out on the beach and riding fun waves with an idyllic tropical backdrop. Most of the surf spots break onto flat coral reefs or on beautiful sandy beaches. More info can be found at

Barbados Surfing


The first time I visited Barbados, a couple of years ago, I eagerly paddled out for a surf, but the waves were too small to catch anything. Feeling a bit defeated, I retreated to the shore to take a nap under a palm tree. With the sun warming my back, I fell asleep to the sound of the waves lapping against the white sand of Worthing Beach. To most people this, plus a Rum Punch or two, would be more than enough to equate a killer vacation. But I am a surfer at heart. I do not just want to surf – I need to surf. Whenever I am somewhere where waves are possible, I find myself staring up at heaven, then out at the sea, trying to will a swell to come. As the common surfer saying goes, I PRAY FOR SURF.

Luckily for me, on our most recent trip to Barbados in December, I did not have to waste any time praying for waves. A nice swell came through and on our last day in Barbados I got to go surfing with my new husband. We came to Barbados to elope. So the fact that there was a swell, made the whole trip even more special. We rented boards from Barry’s Surf School, which is a cool, little surf shack, in front of a mellow, sand beach break, on a gorgeous stretch of coastline. If I had to pick another life after this, I would want to move to Barbados, buy this school, and spend the rest of my days teaching surf lessons to happy tourists, ending each day with a sunset cocktail at the beach bar next door.

Rent a board or take a lesson from Barry’s Surf School on Dover Beach.

Barry's Surf School Barbados

Surfing in Barbados

Worthing Beach-Barbados

Surfing In Barbados

Surfing Barbados

Worthing Beach-Barbados

Surfing in Barbados

Barry's Surf School-Barbados

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    Wow! Vanessa your pictures are awesome. I learnt to surf in Brazil last year, but I definitely need to go to a surf school to really get to grips with the sport! Love your article about Barry’s Surf School. I am also checking out your other articles and surf tips now… Thanks for sharing! xoxo

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