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Flaming Ferrari at Nam Long

April 19, 2013 by @VanessaRivers

If you’ve spent some time in London and like to drink then you’ve probably experienced or at least heard of the Flaming Ferrari at Nam Long. And if you haven’t then consider this your warning. Nam Long, located on Old Brompton Rd in South Kensington has been serving up delicious oriental cuisine and dangerously strong cocktails since 1987, and has become famous for their strongest cocktail, the Flaming Ferrari.

I don’t care how much of a drinking champ you think you are, you will black out if you have more than three and you will hate life the next day. I have my boyfriend to thank for being able to vouch for this first hand on more than one occasion including the time I got so smashed I wasn’t able to walk back to his flat that is literally just down the street! So when you find yourself at Nam Long staring at a blue flaming cocktail be cool and just have one. We took my friend their for her Ferrari experience before she headed back to the US this morning and I am sure she was sitting on the plane today thinking about how much she won’t miss her goodbye London hangover!

Nam Long Le Shaker, 159 Old Brompton Rd, London, SW5 OLJ (02007 373 1926). 

At Nam Long last summer after I had had two too many!!

At Nam Long last summer after I had had two too many.

This guy has no idea what he's in for....

This guy has no idea what he’s in for….

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