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Sa Trinxa

October 30, 2012 by @VanessaRivers

Sa Trinxa, Ibiza, Spain

We walked down a long pathway onto the sand of Las Salinas Beach. We turned to the left and strolled past people having the times of their lives relaxing in the sun and enjoying time with friends. Nestled into the greenery are multiple hut-type restaurants and beach bars. Each with the most amazing and magical feel. At the suggestion of our concierge at Hotel Ocean Drive we kept on walking until we got to Sa Trinxa restaurant. There is something about this thatched roof, beach hut restaurant that just feels euphoric. As in a place I thought only existed in my imagination. When you look around all you see are smiles on faces, fresh clean ocean air, and a pristine sandy beach. Oh, then reality sets in a little. There are jelly fish everywhere! But no one seems to mind. The restaurant has hired a man who walks around collecting the jellyfish into a bucket and removing them from harms way. The menu here is gigantic and full of healthy options. We ordered pitchers of sangria and sat here all day in pure ecstasy listening to the waves and good music. Before we knew it we had made friends with everyone around us and the sun was setting… and OH what a sunset. Turquoise and hot pink striped rays filled the sky as all the people in the restaurant, playing in the sand, and in waves were in awe.

Sa Trinxa Click for video

Beach Bar on Las Salinas Beach

Vanessa and Steve at Sa Trinxa

Sa Trinxa

Sa Trinxa Sunset

Amazing! Never seen anything like it!

People enjoying the beach at Sa Trinxa

Vanisha at Sa Trinxa

What a lovely way to be =)

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