I've been beyond blessed to have been able to travel to 5 countries in the last 5 weeks, but I am way behind on all my travel posts. So this morning when I needed a little motivation I visited Misha's new lingerie blog FAIR VERONA, and became instantly inspired by how she has managed to travel [...]

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Travel Inspiration: Plitvice National Park, Croatia

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An Interview with The Blonde Abroad

ANYTHING GOES, Except BORING! A few days ago we did a post on the top 10 Sexiest Travel Bloggers. Coming in at the top of our list is the all American, all time hottie, Kiersten Rich. For starters, she seems to love bikinis almost as much as we do, and we just can't get enough [...]

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Be More Fascinating

Who doesn't want to be more fascinating?! I know we sure do which is why Misha & I have been doing research on how to make our travel blog better and how to become better travel writers. Today while I was surfing the net I came across this video and loved it because it deals [...]

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TOP 10 Sexiest Travel Bloggers

There is something so attractive about the adventuresome personality of those who can just pick up and go in almost any situation and still enjoy it. After looking through hundreds of blogs, I came across these people who seemed to have it all. Not only did they look sexy, but their care-free personalities seemed to [...]

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The Bungalow, Santa Monica

Brent Bolthouse has of course done it again, and this time his smash hit comes in the form of an upscale Cali surf bar located inside The Fairmont Hotel, in the heart of Santa Monica. The Bungalow, which opened last August, boasts a killer seaside atmosphere with a beautiful patio setting and "friendly neighborhood vibes." [...]

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30 Day Ab Challenge

Ladies! I don't know about you but I am sick of seeing pictures of super fit girls with amazing abs and being jealous! I have always been into jogging and surfing but I have never committed myself to getting the rock hard abs I've always wanted. So I decided to finally do something about it [...]

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Nassau Beach Club and Restaurant

Nassau Beach Club, Ibiza, Spain A plush beach club by day and a luxurious lounge-y restaurant by night, Nassau Beach Club is decked out with modern furnishings, chaise loungers, and an Indonesian flare. The cuisine is Asian Fusion and the decor is chic and white. After a full day on Las Salinas Beach, we decided [...]

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Sa Trinxa

Sa Trinxa, Ibiza, Spain We walked down a long pathway onto the sand of Las Salinas Beach. We turned to the left and strolled past people having the times of their lives relaxing in the sun and enjoying time with friends. Nestled into the greenery are multiple hut-type restaurants and beach bars. Each with the [...]

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Lio, Ibiza, Spain Owned by the same company as Pacha nightclub, Lio sits on the water outside of Old Town, Ibiza. We walked into the grand entrance where performers and diners where singing and dancing at their dinner table to "everybody dooooooo the twist". The lights were flashing, everyone was having a good time, and [...]

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