I’ve been beyond blessed to have been able to travel to 5 countries in the last 5 weeks, but I am way behind on all my travel posts. So this morning when I needed a little motivation I visited Misha’s new lingerie blog FAIR VERONA, and┬ábecame instantly inspired by how she has managed to travel […]

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A Desert Paradise

I am more then ecstatic to announce that I just received word of my upcoming trip to Amangiri. In 6 days from now, I get to cross this Grand Canyon luxury Resort off of my bucket list! But even more exciting are the intrepid desert adventures awaiting me. Be sure to follow our Instagram for […]

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Travel Inspiration: Plitvice National Park, Croatia

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An Interview with The Blonde Abroad


A few days ago we did a post on the top 10 Sexiest Travel Bloggers. Coming in at the top of our list (well almost the top, We modestly put ourselves at number one) is the all American, all time hottie, Kiersten Rich. For starters, she seems to love bikinis almost as […]

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Be More Fascinating

Who doesn’t want to be more fascinating?! I know we sure do which is why Misha & I have been doing research on how to make our travel blog better and how to become better travel writers. Today while I was surfing the net I came across this video and loved it because it deals […]

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TOP 10 Sexiest Travel Bloggers

I’ve got a big project in the works, which had me scouring the web for travel bloggers far and wide! It dawned on me that there is something so attractive about the adventuresome personality of those who can just pick up and go in almost any situation and still enjoy it. After looking through hundreds […]

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Lake Como: A photo Journal

Taking photos in Lake Como was like photographing a supermodel. Impossible to snap a bad one!

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The Last of the Old West


I am immersed in nature’s jaw-dropping beauty. More details to come. But for now I’ll leave you with a few pics!

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My Bucketlist in Action!

When it come’s to travel, my desires have no end. I do not need to be in a pampered 5 star spa setting. I love to get down and dirty on a tiny, humid, fishing island with no luxuries in sight. Just to soak in the pure culture and nature of a new place! (in […]

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The Bungalow, Santa Monica

Brent Bolthouse has of course done it again, and this time his smash hit comes in the form of an upscale Cali surf bar located inside The Fairmont Hotel, in the heart of Santa Monica. The Bungalow, which opened last August, boasts a killer seaside atmosphere with a beautiful patio setting and “friendly neighborhood vibes.” […]

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