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Adventures in Brazil | Praia Brava Surf Beach

January 31, 2013 by @VanessaRivers

After spending our first day in Floripa at Joaquina Beach surfing, and at Praia Mole partying, we had to take a nap before heading out to sushi around 11pm. After sushi we headed down to Cantina de Vinhos, a fun local wine bar that belongs to friends of our amazing tour guide Anthony of Southern Brazil Adventures. You should probably know we are being drug around through South America more often drunk than sober by Anthony, the wildest/best tour guide on the planet who thank God speaks Portuguese!

On day two of our adventure our friends Dawn and Tacho, joined me, my boyfriend Steve, Anthony, and his girlfriend Wendy in Floripa. To celebrate their arrival we had a huge Brazilian lunch at Antonio’s Restaurante, which is famous for delicious seafood dishes served family style! After lunch we headed to Praia Brava and parked our posse at a coconut shake where we drank more and enjoyed the amazing views and beautiful sand.

After a short time I met a local surf instructor who rented me a surfboard and I went out to enjoy what was a very mellow surf session compared the butt kicking I experienced at Joaquina! I caught some fun waves, laughed at Wendy and Anthony doing drunk yoga on the beach and laughed even more when I paddled in and realized that while I was surfing our little crew had gone through a whole bottle of Cachaca. When in Brazil…




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