9 Tasmania Action-Packed Activities Not To Miss
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July 27, 2018 by @VanessaRivers

Guest post on behalf of Kimpee Olivar

Up for some adventure? Fly to Tasmania for an ultimate thrilling experience! This vibrant island state of Australia is home to spectacular landscapes and exhilarating outdoor activities. You will definitely find what you are looking for in an adventure, so be sure to get ready for an unforgettable journey with your family or friends.

Tasmania is full of various kinds of activities. From water to air to land adventures, there is something for everyone. All the adventure junkies out there will absolutely love this place as it offers plenty of exciting things to do. Here are nine action-packed activities not to miss in Tasmania!

9 Tasmania Action-Packed Activities Not To Miss


Experience Tasmania’s breathtaking scenery from the air. It is the best way possible to witness the entire beauty of this island state. You can try it through Tasmanian Air Adventures and enjoy flights from 30 minutes to three hours in a light aircraft or helicopter. Also, Strahan Sea Planes and Helicopters lets visitors see the island’s West Coast from up above with 15 to 80 minute flights. Surely, you will have one of the most memorable days ever exploring Tasmania by air!

9 Tasmania Action-Packed Activities Not To Miss


Delve deeper into the subterranean of Tasmania and discover different caves. Whether you are a first-time or serious caver, you should try caving in Tasmania. This island state has some of the longest and deepest caves in the country! With its extensive cave systems, there are numerous credible agencies that offer tours for visitors of all ages. You can book your full day or half-day tour at Wild Cave Tours, Southern Tasmanian Caveneers, or Northern Caveneers and have an awesome experience.

9 Tasmania Action-Packed Activities Not To Miss


Of course, kayaking should not be missed when in Tasmania. This is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the region, so include it in your itinerary. Since there is a wide network of waterways and rivers in Tasmania, you will have many options to kayak and explore its fantastic bodies of water. You can book your kayaking adventures at Freycinet Adventures, Tassie Bound Adventure Tours, Roaring Forties Kayaking, or Paddle Tasmania. A fun-filled water adventure awaits you!

9 Tasmania Action-Packed Activities Not To Miss


Take in the glorious views of the mountains by trying out mountain biking. Blessed with purpose-built bike trails, striking mountain paths, and beautiful coastal roads, you will have a great time biking around Tasmanian mountains, like the most famous one, Mount Wellington. There are also a number of tours available to enjoy mountain biking here such as Mt. Wellington Descent, Mountain Bike Tasmania, Vertigo Mountain Biking, and Wild Bike Tours. A day spent mountain bikinis will be exhausting, but well worth it.

9 Tasmania Action-Packed Activities Not To Miss


Have you ever dreamt of getting up close with the Aurora Australis, aka the polar lights? This is the perfect time to do it! See the majestic dancing rainbow of color and enjoy a unique experience. Catch the Southern Lights at the South Arm Peninsula for some epic reflections, Seven Mile, Rosny Hill, or Cockle Creek to turn your dream into reality. It is way cheaper than flying all the way to Alaska to chase its counterpart, the Northern Lights. Truly, it will be an experience you will treasure all your life. 

9 Tasmania Action-Packed Activities Not To Miss


Spend some much needed time in wilderness and go camping with your family or friends in one of the unspoiled and easiest spots to camp in Australia. Camping id the perfect  outdoor activity to experience Tasmania and create lasting memories with your loved ones. There are various camping sites you can visit in Tasmania. Most of these camping sites can be found in reserves and parks, like the Freycinet National Park, Mt. William National Park, and Tasman National Park. If you are up for a challenging yet fulfilling wilderness experience, then camp out in Tasmania! You absolutely will not regret it.

9 Tasmania Action-Packed Activities Not To Miss


Enjoy an exhilarating day at Tasmania’s wild rivers. Home to amazing rafting experiences, this region is the best place to go on an epic water adventure. With deep tranquil gorges, surging rapids, and pristine forests, your rafting journey will be full of fun! You can head to Franklin River, Derwent River, Picton River, or Mersey River to try this adrenaline-pumping activity with your buddies and submit yourselves to the whims of the untamed water and weather. And there is no need to worry about your safety. When rafting in Tasmania you will always be accompanied by skilled local guides.

9 Tasmania Action-Packed Activities Not To Miss


Spend a lovely day sailing when in Tasmania. With rich maritime history, picturesque uncrowded waters, protected anchorages, and towering sea cliffs, this island state is surely a sailing paradise! In case you’d like to opt for a less crowded spot to sail, you can head over the west coast port of Strahan. Simply sail across Macquarie Harbour to Gordon River overnight. You can go kayaking or fishing on the river before heading back. The sailing journeys in Tasmania are diverse and offer breathtaking views.

9 Tasmania Action-Packed Activities Not To Miss


Discover some of the most spectacular natural scenery in the world! Tasmania is known for its bushwalking tracks and wilderness regions. Although it is a tiny island state, it still provides numerous great spots for a memorable bushwalking journey. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or experienced walker, you will certainly enjoy bushwalking. Check out Tasmania Wilderness World Heritage Area, The Overland Track, Frenchmans Cap, or South Coast Track for a wonderful bushwalking experience that you will take your breath away.

9 Tasmania Adventure Activities Not To Miss

Truly a home to stimulating outdoor activities, Tasmania is both for the adventurous and easy-going travelers. These adrenaline-boosting activities mentioned above will make your trip one for the books. So, don’t forget to add these in your itinerary for your first trip to Tasmania. It is going to be a thrilling escapade, for sure! And be sure to also research the best time to visit Tasmania and do these activities. Camping, biking and bushwalking, for example, can be done year round. Catching the Aurora Australis usually happens during September. Doing your research will help you enjoy your trip to Tasmania to the fullest.

Speaking of research, also look for a fast and comfortable transport in Australia. Be it in Tasmania, Sydney, Melbourne, or Gold Coast, be sure to take a DriveNow car hire here before starting your adventure. This will help you maximize your time and make your journey safer and hassle-free. Enjoy!

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Guest post on behalf of Kimpee Olivar

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9 Tasmania Action-Packed Activities Not To Miss

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