8 Reasons Why I Loved My First Cruise With Carnival

8 Reasons Why I Loved My First Cruise With Carnival

June 9, 2018 by @VanessaRivers

Last month I had the opportunity to go on a four-day Carnival Cruise from New Orleans to Cozumel and I was very excited to have a much-needed girls getaway with a friend, and have my first (ever!) cruise experience. I was in awe of how many amenities are on board Carnival Triumph and surprised by how much I enjoyed living at sea for a few days. There is so much to do and see onboard a cruise ship as well as plenty of time to relax and unwind. Here are seven reasons why I loved my first cruise with Carnival Cruise Line, and why you will too!


As a small business owner and new mom I rarely have time to relax so I was so happy to be able to curl up on lounge chair at the back of the cruise ship with a magazine and just chill out in the sun for a  while. I always thought cruise ships would be over crowded but Carnival Triumph is gigantic and there are so many quiet nooks to escape to!


I am thirty-five and proud to admit that I still act like a kid half the time. Never, ever grow up! I can’t explain the excitement I felt seeing the huge waterside when I got onboard our ship and the happiness I felt going down it (literally 20+ times!) with a bunch of kids and a few other adults that were also obviously also set on having a good time. I hadn’t been on a waterside since I was a teenager and it was so fun to have that experience again and have all those memories come rushing back. If you take a Carnival Cruise go down the waterside! You only live once!

8 Reasons Why I Loved My First Cruise With Carnival


I worked as a waitress for over seven years during college, and after when I was working on starting my own company, so I know how firsthand how important customer service is and how hard it is to give people truly exceptional service day in and day out. The staff on board the Carnival Triumph go above and beyond to make you feel welcome and at home. I had cocktails with our cruise director, Caroline Bourke, a genuinely kind human being who takes great pride in her job and sincerely cares about every passenger on board the ship, and this mentality is shared among all her staff.

8 Reasons Why I Loved My First Cruise With Carnival


One of the best things about cruising is being surrounded by the sea all day and night. I am an ocean girl at heart and I feel most at peace near the water so getting to live at sea for a few days was an amazing experience. The views all around the ship are breathtaking and I loved that we could sleep with our balcony door open and hear the sound of waves crashing against the ship. This is a budget-friendly cruise with very affordable pricing so I highly recommend splurging on a balcony room so you can enjoy the views and sound of the ocean all day and night from your private sea view terrace.

8 Reasons Why I Loved My First Cruise With Carnival


The Dive In Movie Theatre is just like being at the drive in movie theatre only better. Imagine you walk out onto the deck of your Carnival cruise in the evening, the wind lightly blowing through your hair, the stars sparkling above, and the faint sound of waves lapping in the distance. In front of you there is a giant projection screen placed over the swimming pool. You grab a bag of popcorn and big, soft towel and curl up on a lounge chair to watch a movie under the stars. The Dive In Movie Theatre was one of my favorite amenities on board Carnival Triumph and I can’t wait till my daughter gets a little older so I can bring her on a cruise and share this awesome experience with her.

8 Reasons Why I Loved My First Cruise With Carnival


What girl would not be excited to have a bottle of champagne with a friend and a killer ocean view? When there is a knock on your door and complimentary champagne and chocolate covered strawberries are delivered of course you have to indulge! It would be rude not to! My friend and I had the best time in our stateroom drinking champagne, chatting, laughing, and watching a beautiful sunset over the ocean.

8 Reasons Why I Loved My First Cruise With Carnival


If there is sugar I am not to be trusted around it, especially ice cream because I can not control myself. The fact that there is a Seafood Shack on Carnival Triumph where I stuffed my face with lobster rolls and King Crab legs daily was bad enough but then you add unlimited soft serve ice cream and I’m in so much trouble. It is a little embarrassing to admit that I had four small (OK LARGE!) swirl cones in one day, but calories don’t count when you are in vacation, right?!

8 Reasons Why I Loved My First Cruise With Carnival


I had never heard of Cozumel before my cruise. Upon looking it up I found out it is a small island opposite Playa del Carmen. I had been to nearby Tulum for a friend’s wedding and loved the area so I was excited to visit Cozumel.

8 Reasons Why I Loved My First Cruise With Carnival

When we arrived at Puerta Maya I was surprised by how cute and clean the port it is and how much there is to do here. There are an array of activities you can do that are all offered as add-on activities on your Carnival cruise, but my friend and I opted to go snorkeling at Sunset Beach, which is walking distance from the port. We enjoyed frozen margaritas, soaked up the sun, swam, and snorkeled in the crystal clear, blue water. Paradise found!

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8 Reasons Why I Loved My First Cruise With Carnival

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