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Little Venice, London

October 29, 2013 by @VanessaRivers

On Sunday I stumbled upon a little piece of Italy in London, bringing me back to my summer adventure in Venice. My boyfriend and I met our friends for brunch at The Cedar, where we devoured authentic, mouth-watering Lebanese cuisine and then spent the rest of the blustery afternoon making our way back to our flat in South Kensington.

On our walk home we passed through Little Venice, which was my first experience with this charming area, characterised by winding canals lined with boats, and cute restaurants on the water. On Sunday the windy afternoon painted the canal with all the colors of the fall leaves as geese swam unaffected by the chilly breeze that sent us on our way after only a few minutes. I’m looking forward to visiting this spot again next summer when I can take a boat ride down the waterway and dine outside in the sunshine, at one of the many restaurants along the river bank.

Click here for a Little Venice area guide!


Little Venice-London

Vanessa Rivers - Little Venice-London

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