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I Love Mykonos, Greece

November 7, 2012 by @VanessaRivers

We spent just four days on the magical island of Mykonos, where the traditional fishing culture seems to effortlessly converge with the glamorous resort crowd, but the long weekend was more than enough time to fall head over heels in love with the food, the architecture, the legendary night life, and the people. Stepping onto the island of Mykonos was like stepping back in time. There is an old-world allure and charm surrounding the way the simple streets, and smooth white buildings with vibrant blue accents come together in what feels like an effortless dance around the amazingly beautiful waters of the Aegean Sea.



We took a cab from the airport to Dionysos, a cute, boutique hotel located just steps from Ornos Beach and 5 minutes from Mykonos Town, where most of the great restaurants and clubs are located. I definitely recommend this hotel if you’re looking for a clean, centrally located hotel at an affordable price. Dionysos has not one but two pools, a great bar and restaurant, and air conditioning, which is a must if you are visiting in the Greek Isles in the fall. It is hot in the Greek isles in August, (over 85 degrees each day we were there) so we happily embraced the perpetual daily winds and fully utilized the much-needed A/C at both hotels we stayed at.


On Saturday morning, after begging my boyfriend to go out and get me Greek Yogurt (it’s so much better in Greece! Yum!) and a coke to help combat my terrible hangover, we packed our bags again and moved up the street to the Santa Marina Resort. The Santa Marina was amazing, not because the room was anything extra special, but because the views of the sea from the private peninsula on which it is situated,  are absolutely breathtaking! And there is a private beach and restaurant there too so you can literally walk out of your room, head down a small cobblestone walkway, and find yourself at a secluded beach club where you can lay out, swim, eat, and enjoy cocktails all day long, without ever leaving your hotel. I’ve been on many vacations where we are go, go, going all the time so it was nice staying at a resort where I could enjoy the sun, sea, and amazing Greek food  (obsessed with Tzatziki!) without having to go anywhere.



Mykonos was the setting for the legendary battle between Zeus and Typhon, but is now also legendary for its amazing restaurants, beach clubs, and nightlife. Our first night in Greece, we had dinner at the Sea Satin, located right on the water. While you dine by candlelight under the stars, savoring deliciously fresh seafood, you can also enjoyed the sound of crashing waves on the rocks just steps from your table. But don’t be fooled by the romantic atmosphere. If you find yourself at Sea Satin past midnight (which is likely since most people don’t go to dinner till 10 or 11pm), you’ll probably get dragged up on top of your table to dance the night away.


I could go on and on about Greece because I loved it so much, but this blog post is getting too long so I will end it by saying if you get to Mykonos, eat lots of amazing Greek food, swim in the ocean, be sure to go out clubbing at least one night (and be prepared to stay out till the sun comes up!), and you must go to NAMMOS. NAMMOS was my favorite beach club in Mykonos. Their food rocks, the beach is beautiful, and the staff and patrons are beyond fun. We ended our lunch there with all of us dancing on the tables followed by a skinny dip in the sea! Seriously, how could a lunch be more fun?!



nammos-beach-club-mykonos 2

Have you been to Mykonos? What are your some of your favorite spots?

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  • Reply Maounas May 8, 2017 at 12:24 am

    Mykonos is a magical island !! Where can you enjoy the sun with the refreshing cocktail! Hotels and restaurants have enough vip services for everyone and this is what can make your holidays more enjoyable !!

    • Reply Vanessa Rivers May 8, 2017 at 6:17 am

      I totally agree! Mykonos really is a MAGICAL island! Thanks for reading! X

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