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June 20, 2018 by @VanessaRivers

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The Summer season is in full swing and it’s time for the beach bums to go out and play. Whether it is an all-girl hen party you’re planning or a beach extravaganza with your family, choosing the right destination is a crucial decision.

While we love long stretches of sandy beaches as much as the next person, most beaches are extremely crowded during the holiday season. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, relax, and discover quiet new beaches, you’ve come to the right place! We have scoured through the top European beach destinations, and brought you the list of the best. 

Best Uncrowded Beach Holidays In Europe


With sand colours ranging from golden to volcanic black, Tenerife is truly a heaven for anyone that loves basking in the glorious summer sun. With an endless, mostly rugged coastline, Tenerife offers visitors access to an incredible 41 miles of beaches.

With famous party hubs like the Playa Des La Américas, the city offers an unmatched nightlife that boasts the best of nightclubs and beach bars. This means, even if you’re in Tenerife celebrating the last weekend of your singledom, the party scene will definitely not disappoint.

On the other hand, if you fancy something a bit more peaceful, head to Playa De Las Teresitas. The golden yellow sand beach is a true oasis among beaches full of dark, volcanic sands. The fact that all the golden sand on the beach was brought here by man is a true testament of how we have shaped the evolution of nature to suit our needs.

Want to mingle with the locals? Head to Santa Cruz near the Noria District. Here, you can find bustling pavement cafés drowning in the chatter of the city dwellers. If you truly wish to party like the locals, move to Puerto de la Cruz, an upscale club that boasts latino music brought to the city by Venezuelan and Cuban immigrants.

Best Uncrowded Beach Holidays In Europe


Portugal is a country where you can enjoy the summer all year long. For this reason, cities like Algarve, Lisbon, and Porto have recently become big blips on the tourist radar. 

Algarve is one of the most special regions in the country. While the area boasts some of the most magnificent beaches in Europe, it offers visitors much more than that. With a thriving nightlife and a rich history, Algarve is the perfect city for every kind of tourist. Ready to gulp down exotic cocktails?

Beach bums should not miss Marinha, a beach that is located 8 kilometres in the South East direction from the Lagoa region. The beach has an abundance of limestone rocks, pinnacles, crevices, and caves. The clear blue waters are perfect for a refreshing swim, and offer a picture-perfect backdrop for lounging and photography.

If you’re looking for something a bit less touristy, head to the fishing village of Tavira. Currently unknown to most British and North American tourists, this quaint fishing village offers everything you could ask from an ideal beach holiday destination- quiet cafes, exotic beaches, and a rich dose of Portuguese culture.

Best Beach Holidays In Europe


Awe-inspiring, mysterious, and rich with culture are three things that best describe Dubrovnik. Also known as the pearl of the Adriatic Sea, the city is surrounded by rocky beaches on one side, and massive 16th century stone walls on the other.

If you are looking for a traditional beach holiday setting, head to Banje beach. Perfect for families, Banje beach is a true tourist destination where you will have to pay for even sitting on your own deck chair! If you are in mood for something a little less crowded, the Sveti Jakov beach is perfect. Even though the beach is a favorite among the locals, it is rarely crowded and offers a great view of the Adriatic Sea.

For the more adventurous kinds, the “hole in the wall” bars are perfect. Known as the Buza Bars, these spots are perfect if you’re looking to get away from the crowds and get tanned in peace. Balanced on gigantic boulders facing the sea, one of the bars even offers a couple of great spots for cliff diving into the cool blue ocean! The culture vultures can head to Dubrovnik’s Old Town for a tour of the famous city walls. The walls offer breathtaking views of the Old Town, and also reveal the location of the infamous Buza Bars.

Best Uncrowded Beach Holidays In Europe


Everyone with an interest in travelling and an Instagram account has come across a picture of the iconic Shipwreck Beach of Zakynthos. And we’re here to tell you that the photographs cannot possibly do justice to the beauty of this beach. However, when it comes to quality beaches, secluded away from crowds, Zakynthos is the ideal place to be.

Those visiting the island with family may want to avoid the Shipwreck Beach as the waters are a bit too rough to have children around. Gerakas, another pristine beach just 18 kilometres south of Zakynthos island is has calmer waters, accompanied by unmatched beauty, perfect for a sunny afternoon with the family. Those looking for a wild party, can head to Laganas Beach. 

The island has rich in nature, with its National Marine Park protecting numerous endangered species of dolphins, seals, and turtles. Lucky marine life enthusiasts may get a chance to see turtle eggs hatch by joining the Archelon, the Sea Turtle Protection Society Of Greece, that regularly make rounds on the beach. If that’s not enough, the island also has a whole museum dedicated to turtles. Not to forget, you can expect to run into the endangered Monachus seals or a number of dolphins that really enjoy their interactions with human beings.

 Best Uncrowded Beach Holidays In Europe


If superb climate, high-quality beaches, and stunning landscapes are high on your priority list, Capri is surely a breathtaking option. Visit the Grotta Azzurra, the cave that is illuminated by sunlight, but due to refraction, the interior of the cave is a bright blue.

If you’re in for a bit of nostalgia, the city of Anacapri has the last operational one-person-chair lift of Europe. The lift is the most convenient and scenic way to reach the summit of the island, and the adventure is well worth the views from the summit.

For those looking for more wonderful sights, a visit to Faraglioni, the iconic rock formations is a recommended. The rocks are especially interesting at night when one can watch the moon slowly travel through the hole in the rocks. During the day, a 1 Euro visit to the Augustus Gardens offer breathtaking views for a negligible fee. The floral terrace of the gardens overlook the Faraglioni, and the other side offers the only view of the Villa Krupp, a historic switchback path of the city.

Best Uncrowded Beach Holidays In Europe


When it comes to magnificent beaches, the European continent will never fail to amaze travellers. This Summer however, instead of going down the beaten path, go on an adventure and explore these destinations before their popularity among tourists catches up!

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Best Uncrowded Beach Holidays In Europe

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