Emirates A380 Business Class Review

September 13, 2016 by @VanessaRivers

It’s not often that I hand over my credit card for a business class flight. My husband and I usually fly with American Airlines, and almost always book economy and try to use status or miles to get upgraded. We have Platinum and Exec Platinum status so we often get upgraded and for us, saving thousands of dollars, by booking an economy ticket, is worth the gamble. However, for my 20+ hour solo journey from London to Bali, connecting via Dubai, I decided to splurge on a business class ticket flying with Emirates. Considering that I missed my connection and got stuck in Dubai, I could not be happier that I was flying business class as the amazing Emirates airport lounge in Dubai was a lifesaver! Here’s my review of flying business class on the Emirates A380.



The Airbus A380 is a double-deck, wide-body, four-engine jet airliner. It is the world’s largest passenger airliner, and the airports at which it operates have upgraded facilities to accommodate it. On the Emirates Airbus A380, first class and business class cabins are located on the decked-out upper deck, complete with a bar and lounge where passengers can mingle and stretch their legs, while enjoying premium spirits and snacks throughout the flight! A bar on a plane? Hello in-flight heaven! And business class is staggered in a 1–2–1, providing each passenger with direct aisle access and privacy.



This was my second time flying Emirates business class from London to Dubai, and both times the flight was fantastic. You board the plane from within the Emirates business class lounge at Heathrow so it is very quick and easy. Our flight actually didn’t start boarding till after the gate closing time, which I thought was odd, but we ended up leaving perfectly on time! When I arrived at my seat, there was a bag with an eye mask and socks waiting for me, and as soon as I sat down, I was offered champagne then given a Bvlgari toiletry bag and a hot towel to clean my hands and face. With this warm welcome plus the inviting mood lighting I felt more like I was in an upscale lounge than on an airplane.


After take off, I was offered another beverage of my choice along with warm nuts. All the stewardesses on Emirates look perfectly put together with signature red lipstick to highlight the welcoming smiles on their faces. I had a Grey Goose martini, a little dirty with olives, and by this time, I had my seat extended so I could stretch out and relax. Soon another stewardess came by to offer me a “mattress,” which I highly recommend as this is basically a pillow topper that makes your lay-flat seat feel almost as good as a real bed!



The food in Emirates business class is great for plane food! I’ve also flown business class on American and Hong Kong Airlines, and comparatively the meals in business class on the Emirates A380 are slightly better. They offer 3 starters and 4 entrée’s to choose from. I had the crab and asparagus with a light pesto sauce to start, along with a side salad, and prawn with spiced rice as my main, paired with Sancerre white wine. The dinner was good so I of course had to try dessert – cheese plate please! Noise-canceling headphones are provided to all business class passengers, so during my meal, I happily watched a movie from the ice entertainment system. After, I visited the lounge to take a couple quick photos and then I slept for the rest of the flight, waking up to landing in Dubai perfectly smoothly and on time.



The Emirates lounge at Dubai International Airport is huge and very impressive! Tasty international cuisine is available from various buffet stations, along with premium spirits. Amenities include: lounge bathrooms fully stocked with toiletries and heated toilet seats, showers where you can freshen up between flights, an in-lounge Caffè Nero where you can order coffee or pastries for free, a kids play room, a quiet room where you can sleep between flights, a spa (I got a massage after I missed my flight. It was very good and made me feel so much better), an office space for those working as they travel, a designated in-lounge smoking area, and of course complimentary high-speed Internet access!


The lounge also gives direct access to most gates, but be aware – it does not give access to all gates. Not understanding this is part of the reason why I missed my flight from Dubai to Bali! I thought I could access my gate directly from the lounge as I did at Heathrow but this was not the case, and I did not leave enough time to make it through the lounge and through the concourse to get to my gate before it closed. Ouch!



I have a really hard time sitting for hours on end so having an in-flight bar and lounge area where I could stand up and stretch my legs was a huge plus for me! Being able to use the lounge amenities between flights is really nice, especially if you have a long layover or miss your flight like I did! Emirates also provides a complimentary luxury chauffeur to take to and from the airport which is an awesome bonus. And surprisingly, a business class flight on Emirates is actually very reasonably priced compared to other airlines. So if you are thinking of splurging on a business class ticket, I highly recommend choosing Emirates!






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Emirates Business Class Review

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